Maanada Mayilada is a dance show in South India. It is owned by Kalaignar TV. Maanada Mayilada is best known for the types of dance shown and the beautiful, unique sets brought by Kala Master. The sets have become a major highlight and are appreciated by the audience. The judges are Kala Master, Brinda Master, Kushboo Sundar, Rambha, Namitha, Simran Bagga, Mumtaj, Sudha Chandran and Prasanth. The hosts are Sanjeev and Keerthi. The director of this show is Dance Master Kala.

The choreographers for this dance show include: Prem Master, Anthony Master, Rajesh Master, Ramesh Master, Chandru Master, Raghu(met with a bike accident on 29/12/09 and he is no more) Master, Sandy Master, Mani Master, Tamil Master, Bala Master, Nantha. This show also has alternative choreographers and sometimes the choreographers help each other during the seasons.

Season 1

The judges were Kala Master, Brindha Master, Namitha and Simran Bagga.
The Season 1 Contestants were Satish and Jayashree (sdp) (reel couple), Raaghav and Preetha (real couple), Rajkanth and Bhavana, George and Sujibala, Rajkumar and Archana, Nitesh and Swetha, Golden Suresh and Gayatri Priya, Prabhakar and Kajol (now married to choreographer Sandy).
Winners for Season 1:
  • 1st Satish and Jayashree
  • 2nd Raghav and Preetha
  • 3rd Rajkant and Bhavana

The prizes for Season 1 were given away by actor Surya at the awarding ceremony held at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai.

Season 2

The judges were Kala Master, Kushboo Sundar and Rambha.
The Season 2 contestants were Ranjith and Aishwarya, Lokesh and Sujibala, Bala and Priyadharshini (popular TV anchor and interviewer), Karthik and Neepa, Gokul and Kavi, Aakash and Shruthi, Ganeshkar and Aarthi (real life couple), Sai Prashanth and Swetha, Shakthi and Yogini, Madhan and Priyanka. Later Rekha, Sureshwar and Madhu.
Winners for Season 2:

  • 1st Bala and Priyadharshini
  • 2nd Ganeshkar and Aarthi
  • 3rd Lokesh and Sujibala

The prizes were given away by actor Vijay at the awarding ceremony at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai.

Season 3

The Judges are Kala Master,Rhamba and Kushboo Sundar.
The Season 3 contestants were Fayaz and Dharshini, Azhar and Rajini, Ranjith and Ashwarya, Chaitanya and Raghavi, Nivaz and Kirthika, Ashwanth and Suguna, Murali and Nisha (real couple), Raghava and Swetha, Ram and Priya, Ajay and Rekha, Arun and Apsara.
Winners for Season 3:

  • 1st Ranjith and Ashwarya
  • 2nd Fayaz and Darshini
  • 3rd Azhar and Rajini

The prizes for Season 3 were given by actress Shriya Saran at Nehru Indoor Stadium.

Season 4

The judges for this season were Kala Master, Kushboo Sundar and Namitha.
The Season 4 contestants were Gokul and Neepa, Lokesh and Swetha, Nivas and Kirithika, Kiran and Pooja, Mahesh and Priyadharshini, Deepa and Yuvraaj, Rehman and Nikisha, Karthik and Soundharya, Kumaran and Apsara.
The entertainers for this season were Prem Master, Mano and Sukumar.
A highlight of this season is that Kala Master and Kalingar TV decided to change the format in choosing winners. Its was decided that 50% judges marks and 50% votes are to been taken into consideration in declaring the winners for Season 4.
Winners of season 4:

  • 1st Gokul and Neepa
  • 2nd Nivas and Kirithika
  • 3rd Lokesh and Swetha
  • 4th Rehman and Nikisha

The finale took place on February 5, 2010 at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. The finale was attended by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Rambha, Raguram Master, Devayani, Sripriya while the awards were given by young superstar Simbu. Simbu also cut a cake at this event for his birthday on February 3.

Season 5

The fifth season began February 21, 2010 on Kalaignar TV. This season the first prize is a house, sponsored by Anugraha Integrated Township near Pondicherry.
The judges were Brindha Master, Kushboo, Rambha and Namitha.
The contestants were Azhar and Jennifer (choreographer Ramesh), Madhan and Pooja (choreographer Bala), Kumaran and Suhashini (choreographer Anthony), Fayaz and Varsha (choreographer Anthony), Rehman and Shivani (choreographer Rajesh), Kiran and Leelavathi (choreographer Prem), Bala and Swetha (choreographer Sandy), Karthick and Pooja (choreographer Chandru)
The entertainers for this season were Gokul and choreographer Tamizh.
Highlights of this season:

  • Kala Master would longer be judging this show; she will just be a special judge in giving her comments.
  • For the first time in any Indian reality show, one choreographer is going to take on two pairs
  • Kala master announced that there would be no eliminations until the semi-finals. This season cash prizes are given to audience members who watch the show regularly through Kalaignar TV.

At 150th week a major surprise came as the replacing judge of Rambha is Kushboo, because at that time Rambha was pregnant and married, so Kala Master decided to give her rest and welcome back Kushboo as a permanent judge.
Winners of Season 5:

  • 1st Bala and Swetha
  • 2nd Rehman and Shivani
  • 3rd Kiran and Leelavathi
  • 4th Fayaz and Varsha

The Season 5 prizes were given by Prabhu Deva and Nayantara. The awards ceremony was held in Abu Dhabi. The grand finale took place on 22 October 2010. The choreographer Sandy also got a cash amount as his pair Bala and Swetha won the 1st prize.

Season 6

The judges for this season were Kala Master, Mumtaj and Sudha Chandran
The Season 6 contestants were

  • Sathya and Monica
  • Asif and Bhavana
  • Karthik and Soundarya

Season 7

The judges for this season were Kala Master, Kushboo Sundar and Namitha
The Season 7 contestants were

  • Bobby and Swarna
  • Puvi and Anusha
  • Raja and Ananthi
  • Sujith and Ankitha
  • Surya and Shivani
  • Deepak and Monisha
  • Aravind and Swathi
  • Suresh and Misha

The entertainers for this season were Gokul, choreographer Tamizh & Sukumar
Winners of Season 7:

  • 1st Bobby and Swarna
  • 2nd Sujith and Ankitha
  • 3rd Puvi and Anusha
  • 4th Surya and Shivani

The Season 7 prizes were given by Jayam Ravi. The awards ceremony was held in Staduim Melawati Shah Alam, Malaysia. The grand finale took place on 8 September 2012. The choreographer Anthony also got a cash amount Best Choreographer as his pair Bobby and Swarna won the 1st prize.

Season 8

The judges for this season were Kala Master, Kushboo Sundar and Prasanth.

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